A Closer Look at Arbanasi Tourist Destination

Arbanasi is a village sited in Veliko Tarnovo Province, nestled between Gorna Oryahovitsa and Veliko Tarnovo high on a plateau. Just like its famous neighbor, Veliko Tarnovo; Arbanasi was also in existence during the Second Bulgarian State, and it is believed that it was used as a summer residence by the Tsar.

This ancient village is a popular tourist destination, and one of its main defining features are the aged churches and homes, most of which are filled with beautiful paintings and wooden ornaments. This village's historical significance is in fact, what made it a historical monument recognized nationally.

Arbanasi rose to fame during the seventeenth century, due to its importance as a trading center, and traders from this locality were well known all over the Turk Empire. House designs of well to do traders often looked like small fortresses since they were sturdily built, and often looked imposing. However, on the inside, they were usually well furnished, and they were designed thusly in order to ensure that movement outside was minimized as much as possible.

After the looting and burning of most homes in Arbanasi, after the relative growth and prosperity in the 17th century, people started getting back around 1800. Today, the prosperity that this village enjoyed is still evident, from the majestic but imposing houses left, to the various traditions that were commonplace for erstwhile residents.

Major Arbanasi Attractions

Konstantsaliev house is one of the best examples of the designs, used in homes in Arbanasi. This house is richly decorated and is named after Atanas Konstantsaliev, who bought and renovated the house. It has held an exhibition of Arbanasi artifacts, and is one major point of interest in the locality.

The Saint Nikola Monastery is located at one end of the village, and it was founded at the end of the seventeenth century. In 1393, after the fall of Tarnovo, it was destroyed by the Ottomans, but dedicated again in 1680, and thus it has remained to date.

The Saint George Church, is another visually imposing point of interest in Arbanasi, and has even been named as an architectural and artistic-cultural monument. It is made up of a huge stone monument, and is quite striking. However, entrance to the church is not allowed.

One of the best reminders of Ottoman occupation is the Holy Mother of God Convent sited some five kilometers from Veliko Tarnovo. The famed Weeping Virgin, which was found by a shepherd buried in rubble, after he heard the icon cry is one of the main attractions, and it is considered miraculous. These are some of the main attractions in Arbanasi, although there are many more found in this archeological-museum reserve.

Residing in Arbanasi whilst visiting can be done in a number of ways. One can decide to stay in a modern-day villa, or lodge, or they can decide to stay in a traditional guesthouse, which can greatly enhance a holiday experience. So, Arbanasi is not only a tourist destination, it is a holiday location, with many points of interests, and near endless things to see and do.